‚Trapped in Drugs‘ is Sophia Zoe’s debut single as an artist and also as a music producer. The music video will be released on June 2nd on Sophia Zoe’s YouTube channel.


Allow yourself to be captivated by Sophia Zoe in ‚Trapped In Drugs‘!

„The song begins intimately, drawing you in with its storytelling, before taking you on an epic, almost cinematic journey. ‚Trapped In Drugs‘ tells the tragic story of a friend’s descent into drug addiction and the deep sense of loss that comes with it.

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, there is a sense of hope and resilience in Zoe’s performance.  Her voice is a beacon of light, shining through the darkness and offering comfort to those who may be struggling with similar issues.“

Sophia Zoe was granted a scholarship from ‚Bayern Innovativ‘ and was supported by the University of Television and Film to shoot her music video.