„The song begins intimately, drawing you in with its storytelling, before taking you on an epic, almost cinematic journey. ‚Trapped In Drugs‘ tells the tragic story of a friend’s descent into drug addiction and the deep sense of loss that comes with it. Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, there is a sense of hope and resilience in Zoe’s performance. Her voice is a beacon of light, shining through the darkness and offering comfort to those who may be struggling with similar issues.“


Sophia Zoe was granted a scholarship from ‚Bayern Innovativ‘ and was supported by the University of Television and Film to shoot her music video.


Words & Music: Sophia Zoe
Music Production, Arrangement: Sophia Zoe
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Hans Kohlenberger
Vocals, Piano: Sophia Zoe
Violin: Clara Büsel

Video Production:
Trapped man: Jérome Djossou
Dance Cast: Lynne Azzam, Sofia Barbieri, Bianca Bauer, Theresa Bialluch, Leonie Gierga, Anastasia Lyubinski, Delphine Puraye, Oskar Bucaro Stenman, Kristina Isabella Trněný

Production: Franz Ufer, Sophia Zoe
Production Manager: Ina Mikkat
Unit Manager: Franz Ufer
Unit Manager Assistant: Tristan Malle

Direction: Kiana Betz
Creative Director: Sophia Zoe
Choreographer for dancers: Bianca Bauer

Director of Photography: Makito Kumazawa
A-CAM OPERATOR: Chris Werner B-CAM OPERATOR: Julia König 1st AC A-CAM: Michael Oberwallner 1st AC B-CAM: Philipp Kaiser 2nd AC A+B-CAM: Natalia Brezwan 2nd AC: Joshua Buchenau
Head of Lighting: Dominik Boros
Lighting Technician: Hana Reintges
Lighting Technician/VFX: Tobias Sodeikat
Lighting Technician/Fog: Alexander Kiefer
Studio Manager: Andreas Beckert, Peter Gottschall
Rental Supervisor: Rainer Christoph
Technical Support: Hans Kohlenberger

Costume, Production Design: Kim Josephine Schölch 
Production Design Assistant: Noel Chojnacki

Makeup & Hair: Lea Reitberger
1st Makeup & Hair Assistant: Tiziana Darr
2nd Makeup & Hair Assistant: Leonie Wilfer

Set Photography, BTS Photography: Justin Lichterfeld
Making Of: Joshua Buchenau, Noel Chojnacki
Social Media: Mafalda Krausmüller

Video Editors: Kiana Betz, Luis Leinauer, Sophia Zoe 
Color Grader: Jonas Riedinger